Batch option for Clipping


Could you add a batch option for clipping so that you can read as many audio tracks and de-clip them whatout going to the whole proces over and over.
Cost a lot of time.



“Clip Fix” is available to use in a Macro in the current version of Audacity (version 2.3.2).

Please note that even with Clip Fix, it is not possible to repair badly clipped audio.

Hi Steve thanks,

There is a video online where someone explain the process in detail.
So Is it possible “record” or put those variables of all the function activities used in that macro?


In Audacity, a normal Macro is simply a list of commands.
Macros, and how to make them, is described in the manual:

Cost a lot of time.

We could save even more time by not clipping the audio during recording.

“Clip fixes” do not restore the original sound. They guess at what might have been there based on sounds before and after. This correction can work OK if you have one clip every hour or so, but if you need clipping repairs done in a macro, I’m guessing your shows are a lot more damaged than that.

Can you stop making the damage?