Batch Normalize *.OGG* Files? on Windows

Hey people, Im looking for a way to adjust the loudness of about 30-60 .ogg files. I am aware that “replay gain” is a thing, but I am unsure wether the software I want to use to play the files supports the “replay gain tags”. So would my best bet be “loudness optimization”? If not what is? And how do I do it, without having to do it for each file manually?
Would appreciate any help!

If you don’t know, probably not. If it supports ReplayGain there should be settings to scan & tag the file and to enable TrackGain or AlbumGain during playback.

iTunes has something similar called Sound Check.

I found something called VorbisGain.

I don’t do any macro/batch stuff but there is Loudness Normalization.

There’s one potential issue with using Loudness Normaliztion in a macro - As you probably know, there is no fixed relationship between peaks and perceived loudness so Loudness Normalization can push the peaks into clipping. ReplayGain has an option to limit the amount of boost to prevent clipping.

With 30-60 files it’s probably quicker to Loudness Normalize them one at a time (and check-for and correct-for clipping) than to write, test, and debug a macro. :wink:

I think Vorbis gain is based on replay gain tags

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