Batch mp3 import with time codes to one track

I have over 500 small mp3 files with filenames in the following format XXmYY.mp3
where XX are two digits (minutes); m (stands for minutes); YY are two digits (seconds). These files are downloads of voice-over software generated mp3 files from translated subtitles (text) of a documentary, and the filenames correspond to the approximate time code in the video. I would like to import all these files into one track in Audacity and placed in positions corresponding to the time codes indicated in the filenames. Is there any possibility to do that?
Could one write a script where the application reads the file name, transform it to an Audacity compatible timecode and the imports the mp3 file and puts it in the right place, and this for a series of mp3 files?

You could write a LOF file. See: LOF Files - Audacity Manual

Hi Steve

The LOF file import worked fine. I did it with 50 files as test. Audacity imports them one after the other and with the right offsets.
Unfortunately, Audacity generated 50 different tracks. How can I import them or put them all into one track after the import without tedious
copying and pasting ?

Unless you specifically need them to be separate clips, you could simply:

  1. Select All (Ctrl + A)
  2. “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”