Batch Loudness normalization macro not working

First I click tools then macros to select Loudness Normalization which I have set at 11 LUFS. Then I select files to locate may folder which has about 20 songs (in MP3 format) and run the script. It goes though the process, however most of the songs do not change to the new level of 11 LUFS. It works on individual files but not well using the batch function. Is there a limitation on the number of files that can be processed using batch? Also there is no files added to my output folder so I assumed there original MP3s are modified.

No - there is no hard-coded limit. But it is recommended to stay under 1000 files per run. 500 is a safe number.

No - that is NOT correct. Your files are written to the macro-output directory based on on your operating system and directory preference settings. See: Macro output here: Directories Preferences - Audacity Manual

When I batch process conversion from to MP3 (from wave , ogg, etc) the processed audio goes into my default folder (documents-Audacity-macro output) as expected. I am stuck on this one. Thanks for your reply.

I don’t know why it’s not working, but…

That’s “dangerous” as an automated process because you are likely to push the peaks over 0dB into clipping (distortion).

MP3 can actually go over 0dB… I’m not sure what the limit is (or maybe it depends on the frequency content and “complexity”) but you can get distortion, and your DAC is hard-limited to 0dB so you’ll clip your DAC if you play it “full digital volume”. It’s bad practice to make files that peak over 0dB even if the format supports it.

I was using the mid point of Sound Clouds -8 to -13 LUFS as a start point. To your point, maybe -13 would be a better choice for me. However, until I can find the solution with Audacity I am stuck. In addition, trying to find a paid program (under $250) that does batch loudness normalization has become a headache. Thanks for the advice.

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