Batch File Export

Hi, first post here from a longtime, but mostly casual, user. My request/question probably would relate better by describing what it is I’m seeking to achieve using Photoshop as my analogy;

In Photoshop I can set up a batch process whereupon I can select an input folder and an output folder, and from there use features of Photoshop, usually action lists to open an image, process it if necessary, and then save the result to another folder.

Once configured, I can hit run and the automation will run until all the files are processed and it then stops.

I have set up batches that allow me to open a folder full of PSD files, flatten layers, and then save as JPG with the settings I specify (in the case of Audacity I would imagine that would be last used settings - which works fine for what I need without having to implement an action list feature in Audacity).

In the case of what I would like to achieve in Audacity, it is to open up a folder of 300 prior labeled recordings and export them using the ‘export multiple’ feature to, in my case, save each label as a separate 48khz 24bit Flac file.


Input folder:
Recording #1.aup3; 4 labels
Recording #2.aup3; 3 labels

Batch run->

Output folder:
Recording #1 - 01.flac
Recording #1 - 02.flac
Recording #1 - 03.flac
Recording #1 - 04.flac
Recording #2 - 01.flac
Recording #2 - 02.flac
Recording #2 - 03.flac

This way I can select the folder, run the batch, and it process the 200+ .aup3 labeled files, while I can get on with other things like sleep (haha), and once finished be presented with an export folder with about 600-1000 flac files ready to then tag/rename using a third party batch tagger. The main issue regarding this is the time it takes to export the files and having to babysit the process. Labeling the files manually is trivial and something I want my eyes on anyway (the same with final tagging/naming), but just exporting the labels to files? I’m happy to leave that to the computer to chew through overnight.

Is this something that is achievable currently or is it a planned feature? I saw a post saying that V4 will expand import/export options with a ‘Publish’ option, would that include what I’m describing above? If so, what time-frame is that release going to be?

Thanks for any help and I appreciate all the work the team has put into Audacity.

Audacity supports batch processing audio files using “Macros”, but batch processing is not available for “projects” (AUP3 files). As far as I’m aware there are no plans to support batch processing of AUP3 files.

As far as I’m aware there are no plans to support batch processing of AUP3 files.

That’s unfortunate. I can only imagine that it would be a highly valued feature, however I appreciate the response and hope that it would be considered at a future point in time.