Batch exporting 2 channel mp3's

I have a list of stereo songs. I want each to be split, applied a limiter, and exported with track 1 in channel 1 and track 2 in channel 2.
I’m using this macro on the wiki but I’ve edited it to include the limiter and export. So this is what the entire macro looks like:

SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="0" TrackCount="0.5"
SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="1" TrackCount="1"
SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="0.5" TrackCount="0.5"
SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="2" TrackCount="1"
SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="0" TrackCount="1"
Limiter:gain-L="0" gain-R="0" hold="10" makeup="No" thresh="-5" type="SoftLimit"

But when it exports, both tracks are set to channel 1. Advanced mixing options is enabled, and when exporting manually both tracks are set to their channels. If it’s not possible, it’s only 24 songs. I could do each manually, but hoping I don’t have to.

Why do you want to split them rather than simply processing as a stereo track?

I’m working with BWAV’s to mod a game, and I need the BWAV to have 2 separate channels or it won’t work.

Normal stereo WAV files have 2 separate channels? :confused:
Do you mean that you want to export 2 separate mono WAV files from Audacity?

I mean this: or
A binary WAV. It’s used in Nintendo games like Animal Crossing New Horizons. I want to mod it though, which is why I need 2 channels.
I first export the song I want to mod to MP3 with 2 tracks, each going to separate channels. Then using other programs I convert it to a BWAV, which is the format the game uses. The BWAV can have 1-16? channels , but for ACNH it has to have 2 channels, otherwise it won’t load in the modded game.

A normal stereo WAV file has two channels. :confused:

What format do you want to export from Audacity?

Maybe a better question is whether or not different tracks can be exported to different channels? With a macro.
I don’t want to export a wav from audacity, but an mp3 with 2 channels. My wav conversion comes in at a later step.

“Advanced mixing options” are not supported by macros.

With a macro you can export as mono or stereo.

MP3 export has an option to force the output to be mono. To export a 2 channel MP3 that option must not be enabled.
To export a 2 channel MP3, ensure that the project contains at least one stereo track.
To export a mono MP3 from a stereo project, mix down to mono before exporting.

To swap the channels in a stereo track, use the “Channel Mixer” plug-in: