Batch Export of separate tracks with some tracks common to all

I have 102 tracks and I need to export them so thera are 100 separate tracks and each of such track contains ALSO he same extra two tracks (always the same two).
How do I do that in some automatic manner?

Many thanks as always! :slight_smile:

So I am thinking there are multiple ways to approach this. Assuming your goal is to create simple mono or stereo exports and assuming you have a single project containing all 102 tracks and the first two of these are to be included in every export, here are some steps you could try:

  1. Select the first three tracks: Click Select on the first track; Shift-Click Select on the third track.
  2. File > Export > Export Selected Audio
  3. Delete the third track
  4. If three or more tracks remain, Go to Step 1
  5. (Otherwise) We’re done

If you do File > Export > Export Multiple to place each of your 100 tracks in a separate .WAV file, for example, you may be able to create a macro that will load each file individually, import2 a .wav file containing a mix of the special two tracks you mentioned earlier, then export the combined files separately.

Others may post with alternatives.

Thank you @jademan