Batch convert without altering metadata

I have already gone through and completed my metadata for my files using mp3 tag. I now have to go back and convert those files to a different format because of apple. when i convert multiple files in audacity it alters my metadata by adding stuff to it i don’t want in certain fields. i already have the year. it adds it again (example 1978//1978). i want my filename to have the track number in the beginning but not the track title. it copies the filename into the track title and adds the number. like why??? why isn’t there an option to not touch metadata and just convert??? what is the big problem that audacity needs to alter metadata? it just seems utterly ridiculous that there isnt a box i can click that says DO NOT ALTER METADATA like this is going to take me a year of hand work over some dumb oversight in the program

Try Kabuu Audio Converter. Once you’ve set-up your output format and output location it’s just drag, drop, and click, and you can drag-in multiple files at once.

Or, Mp3Tag can copy the metadata from one file to another.

It’s tricky because different formats use different tagging standards. You may not get perfect results with Kabuu Audio Converter either. I believe only MP3 uses ID3. FLAC uses Vorbis Comments. Tagging for WAV files is poorly standardized and not widely supported.

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