Batch convert Stereo to mono

Is there a way to Batch convert a number of mono “.MOV” files with these actions using CHAIN:
1 Open the file from a folder
2 Duplicate the Mono Track creating 2 identical mono tracks
3 Converting the 2 tracks in a stereo track and save it them as AIFF

However I also saw quoting a “Tools” macro which might be what I could use however I coldnt find it in my Mac Version 2.2.2

Any suggestions thanks


Mono sound files play to both sides of your headphones. Is there any reason you insist on creating “Dual Channel Mono” (not really stereo).

I don’t know if this exists in the Chains repertoire, but if you nudge the pan slider on the left just the slightest bit, an Export will be stereo in spite of the timeline only having one blue wave.

save it them as AIFF

A note. Audacity doesn’t save sound files. You have to Export to get one.


In Audacity 2.2.2 you can create a Chain with one command - Export WAV - that can be used to extract the audio from MOV files.
You cannot convert the imported files to stereo and you cannot export to AIFF. The sample rate of the exported WAV will be the same as the sample rate of the imported MOV.

See this page in the manual for how to create and apply chains.

Chains have been renamed “Macros” in version 2.3.0 (which is under development).

– Bill