Batch Convert - Set Sample Rate + Project Rate



So I had 125, 32bit float 44100 WAV files, loaded in Audacity. I want to Batch Convert them as 16-bit PCM, 44100, as a WAV and OGG, all with the same file name as they were imported under - but the batch program doesn’t have a setting for Sample rate and Project Rate - How do I export them in 16-bit PCM using the Batch process?

SOLUTION: Under “file->export multiple” you have those settings under “options.”

Thanks for saying how you fixed it. People often forget to do that but it can be very useful for other users.

Unless you don’t want to, I can add a vote for Chains to be able to set the export format options for each format, including a sample rate for the export. It is very inconvenient to have to start then cancel an export to do that, and as it is now, some exports in the chain may come to a halt if importing a compressed file switches the project rate to a rate not supported by the export format options.