batch convert - old alternate idea?

Does anyone know if THIS (below) is a valid technique for batch converting a folder of wav to mp3?

Just figured out another way to do it. I’m not sure if this will work for hundreds of files at once, but it just worked for me with four of them:

Drag all of (or a bunch of) your wav files into Audacity. It will create a new track for each one.
In the File menu, choose “Export multiple…”, and have it “split files based on tracks”.
It will let you choose metadata for each file, all at once.
Then it will do the conversions all at once, while you make a sandwich.


Audacity has a preset macro called “MP3 conversion”. That macro includes a command to normalize the amplitude prior to exporting as MP3 - you can delete that step if you want to convert to MP3 without normalizing.

Information about macros here: