Batch convert folder of 100 AUP files to WAV

Seems to be a lot of “audacity batch convert posts” around the net.

I was able to use Audacity Macros to convert 100 WAV files to MP3 files.

But is there no way to convert 100 AUP files to WAV files?

Seems that the Audacity Macros don’t like to open AUP files.

: (

ideas? thanks!

You should probably stop calling them “AUP files.” The AUP file is a project manager text file. You’re trying to manage Audacity Projects and those have unique rules.


So there is no way to batch convert them?

There’s always “a way”, but not always “an easy way”. :wink:
There’s no “easy way” that I know of to export audio from multiple Audacity Projects as a batch process.

One way that is possible, would be to use an automation app such as AutoHotKey (