Batch auto duck feature

Hi ,

I’m looking for a program to mix audiofiles ( music and voices ) without human intervention.

I’m using now the Auto Duck plugon in Audacity. It works perfectly but I would like make it automatic.
If some develloper would like to contact me I will give more details.

I have many many audiofiles to mix dynamicly.

Thanks for your reply

Probably simplest to compile Audacity and script it using standard import/ export, rather than try to modify how Chains work?

As long as you don’t import too many tracks you can slightly automate it by multiple importing the files into a project that has the control track, then copy-paste the control track between each imported file, select only the imported files (or select all but the last control track), run Auto Duck, delete or mute the control tracks, then Export Multiple.

There are only a few part-time developers here who might give you a little development time for free. Otherwise you have to pay commercial rates to a full time developer.