Batch Append Audio

I have a few hundred mp3s that need to have a single audio introduction inserted at the beginning, and an outro at the end of each recording. Is there an automated way to do this to save me from open->paste->save each of the files?

Quickest and best for sound quality and least disk space:
Write a “playlist file” for each. See:

Once you’ve written the first playlist, you just need to paste in the name of the relevant file for each of the others.

You would then play the playlists, which will sequence the “intro, main file, outro” files.

Hello Audacity-World! (This is my first post…)

Appending files to an opened track (instead of creating a new track, copy, paste…) is what I was looking for, too.
I found this thread instead of a solution for my question…

Hello losiledlighting!

If your files are already mp3, then it may be easier and better to do the work in
mp3DirectCut - Fast MP3 and AAC cutter and MP3 recorder
This is freeware like Audacity, but works on mp3-frame-basis, which means: the mp3-file will not be decoded and again encoded, so there is no loss of quality.
You can change volume, fade in and out, cut, copy and paste parts of the mp3 without recoding.

AND… you can append a complete mp3 to an open mp3 just by drag&drop.
So: open the introduction-mp3, drag&drop the main part, drag&drop the mp3-files with the main part and the outro.
Save the complete audio as a new mp3-file.

Or you can use the batch-function in file-menu.
But I’m not sure, if you can do the whole work on all files in just one batch process.

mp3DirectCut has much less functions compared to Audacity, but it is specialized on mp3 and easier to use and does not recode your mp3s, so soundquality is exactly the same as in the original files.

I hope it is ok to post infos and links to other freeware programs.
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