Bass "dies" during recording.

I’m a new user to Audacity, and although it seems to be a great program, I’m having trouble making several recordings. I own a Casio WK-200 keyboard, and I have the sound output wired directly into my laptop’s mic port. However, when recording, the bass part of songs “die” off after several seconds. It will sound good for a few seconds, then just fade away quietly. What’s causing this?

Thank you for your help.

Your sound card.
The input that you are using is designed for connecting a computer microphone, not a keyboard. If you search through your sound card settings you should be able to find an option that may be called “Noise Reduction”, “Echo Cancellation” or something along those lines. That effect must be switched off.

Even after switching that option off the sound quality is likely to be much less than optimal due to a major mismatch between the keyboard output and the microphone input. Upgrading the sound card is the best solution.

We reviewed several external USB sound cards.

Look for one tht has good Stereo Line-In.