Bass and Treble thing

OS: Windows 10
Audacity Version: 2.4.2
Every time I open Audacity, I see that the Bass and Treble window has the bass level and volume raised at maximum. When I try to reset it, it lasts the whole session, then it goes back to the bass and volume levels being maxed when I reopen Audacity. Why is it doing that?

I don’t know… For me, it seems to remember the last setting so if I set both sliders to zero, they are at zero next time I open Audacity and then open the Bass & Treble effect.

The value gets saved when you click “Apply”. Generate a tone, set your Bass and Treble controls, then click Apply. Exit Audacity and return. Your setting should be as they were when you clicked Apply.

I hope this helps. :smiley:

It worked. Thank you!

You are welcome! :smiley: