Basic audacity 2.0.5 features

Hi there.

I am new to audio editing software and am actually looking for some software to help my dance teacher. I took a read through but did not find the features I need - - more likely I did not understand totally what I am reading.

With audacity 2.0.5 can I:

  1. Slow down or speed up a song?

  2. Trim a song at the beginning and/or end?

  3. “cut out” sections of a song and “glue” pieces together

  4. Record the audio on my computer? (eg for instance if I want to play a DVD and record a particular sound)

  5. Which formats can I convert between (eg can I convert between wav and mp3, etc)?

Thanks in advance for your patience,

. Slow down or speed up a song?

Yes, but maybe not the way you want. Audacity doesn’t do anything in real time. You can’t advance a slider and have the song speed up while you’re listening to it. You can select the song while it’s stopped and Effect > Change Speed or either of the other Change tools.

You can also use the transcription toolbar.

But you have to stop between speed changes. It’s not continuous.

The other questions are basic editing except the last one. Audacity is pretty good with opening up many different sound formats but it can open up and save a lot more by installing the FFMpeg additional software. Audacity will open up and play an MP3, but won’t make a new one without also installing the Lame software.


Self Recording can depend on the computer and system which you didn’t tell us.

Thanks very much for your reply Koz. The two systems which will be used for self recording are:

  1. Windows Vista laptop
  2. Windows 7 Desktop

On some Windows computers there is either a “Stereo Mix” or “What U Hear” option that you can use.
If your computer does not have either of those options, then (Windows Vista and later) you can use “WASAPI”.
See here in the manual for details:

The other items look straightforward. See the “Getting Started” section of the manual as a good place to start:

I would recommend using the latest version of Audacity from the official download page:
Audacity is updated quite frequently, and you can be notified by e-mail of updates by registering at the bottom of the Audacity home page: