"Banging" sound in background

There’s a banging sound in the background of my recent recording. It sounds like when a phone line is whipping in the wind, sounding like it’s banging on something metal.

I don’t know what it is. I turn off anything in the room that will make noise (aside from me), and everything is quiet. I have my wind breaker foam piece on the mike as well as a “pop” blocker stationed in front of the mike.

It’s weird because it’s all through the recording.

Can I use one of the functions I saw on Youtube to get rid of this background noise? If so, which method is best?


Now you get to fill in the holes.

Which youTube post?

Which microphone?

Does the damage appear at the same place every time you play the work?

Does it only appear when you speak?

everything is quiet.

I think I got that one. Everything is quiet to your ears, but the recording is still noisy?

my recent recording.

But not before that?

Post some of the sound.



Ok, I think I got the sample of this…
This goes on as Im speaking in the recording as well.

Does the damage appear at the same place every time you play the work?
No, different times.

So it’s a playback problem and you don’t have to post a sample of the work. I won’t hear the noise because it’s not in the show.

Do you have a music player or second computer? Export the work to a sound file and play it on something that’s not your computer. I bet it’s fine.

I’m not sure where to go with this. There’s a terrific chance there’s something on your computer interfereing with playing the show.

Are you listening to built-in speakers or the built-in headphone connection? That should work OK. But if you’re listening on BlueTooth, Wireless, or external USB speakers or headphones, that can cause problems.

Shut down the machine wait a bit and then start. Not restart. Make sure nothing else starts like Skype, Games, Conferencing or Chat.

Still have the problem?


I have external plug in speakers. I’ve had them for years and never had any problems.
I use the headphones that came with the podcasting kit.

I will have to wait till I’m thru editing then, I’m not done editing the recording.
Once I finish, I convert it to MP3. I will see if I can hear it then.
If I still hear it, I will just do it all over again.

Thanks for the info.

Well, I finished editing and played it back on another player as an MP3, and I still heard the noise.

I really didn’t feel like re-recording it, so I just recorded an apology for the background noise in my podcast.
Which is weird, because I didn’t hear the noise in the recording of the apology.

It’s really annoying now how Audacity does something different each time I record. Nothing records the same way twice.

Thanks for the help though! :smiley:

Thanks for the help though!

Don’t give up so fast.

Audacity doesn’t apply effects, filters or corrections on record. Whatever comes down the wire is what gets recorded.

The noises don’t play in a different place each time. They are completely predictable on playback and they produce visible blue waves. So it is a recording problem.

Open the clip you sent us and Effect > Amplify > OK. That will make the boom as loud as possible without distortion.

That’s not an electronic error. That sounds like a production special effect as for a game or theatrical piece. Picture a Civil War scene and this is one of the far-off cannons. Whatever it is, it sounds perfectly recorded as a background effect.

Do you like to record internet sound or music or YouTube performances? If you do, then you have your machine set to record “Anything Playing On The Computer.” What on your machine could sound like that? How many apps do you have running at the same time? Are you sure? Restart the machine and don’t let anything else start automatically. Better?


That sounds like a production special effect

I didn’t notice this before. It’s in stereo. The left and right sounds don’t match. Another reason to think it’s intentional and just in the wrong place.