Band-stop filter frequencies back after file export


I am suffering from Tinnitus and was very happy to see Steve’s instructions at this link; .

I have a question on exported files. If I apply Band-Stop filter and look at Plot Spectrum analysis I can see that selected frequency was correctly removed. However, after I export the audio as WAV, load it back into Audacity and look at the Plot Spectrum there is no longer clear empty space and it appears that those frequencies are back at least somewhat. Is there any way to have the frequencies removed in the file after export? Maybe I am looking at this wrong. I am a total rookie in doing all of this and just want to try another thing to stop the constant buzzing in my ears. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you,

I upgraded to the latest version of Audacity and now when I look at the filtered Wav file it looks fine. Weird.


I’m not able to reproduce the issue.
If you find it happening again, try and make a note of exact steps to reproduce the problem. If we know how to create the problem we will probably be able to work out the fix.

Hi steve,

I am unable to reproduce it either. It works as expected now. Either I did something wrong before or the version I had was not working properly. 2.2.2 works great. Thank you for the help and especially earlier post.