Band Pass filtering in Nyquist [ Spectral Parametric EQ equivalent]

Hi audacity users,

Is there any way to remake the spectral selection tool of audacity but in a plugin format, with a window that allows the user to select the boundaries of the band-pass filter and set up the gain, instead of positionning manually the center frequency then dragging the boundaries + going to Effect> Spectral slection Parametric Eq > And set up the gain ?
Here is a quick design of the plugin :
I first looked on the Macro tool of audacity to automate the process, but I didn’t find the spectral selection item in the list ! Am I missing something ?
That is why Nyquist might be a solution to program the plugin I guess.

If any audacity user have tackled this issue or have an idea on how to solve it, please let me know!

The “Spectral Selection Toolbar” does that: Spectral Selection Toolbar - Audacity Manual

Are you aware that you can click where you want the upper frequency boundary to be, then drag down to where you want the lower frequency boundary?

You can set a keyboard shortcut to the Spectral Selection effect (see: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual)

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot, the spectral selection toolbar was exactly what I was looking for.

Because this toolbar is hidden by default in audacity, I’ve never got the chance to see it. :slight_smile: