Bad sound when recording Fuzz presets of the line-6 M5 pedal


I’m trying to record a cover of “rock + roll” by EDEN( and wanted to use my M5 pedals “Jumbo Fuzz” preset to record the guitar section at 1:31-1:45. However i cant get the recording to sound like the video or the output to my amplifier. It sound weirdly poppy. Like there’s no sound when muting the strings but as soon as i start to play a not the volume shoots up rapidly. I have attached a sample of the recorded effect. This happens with any of the “Fuzz” presets but not with other distortion effect like “Overdrive” which i used in an earlier part of the song.

My audio chain is Guitar → M5 → M-Audio M-Track → Audacity on PC via USB
→ Guitar amp via M-Track headphone out

Guitar settings: Volume knob is cranked to max, Tremolo knob is set to zero and the pickup selector is set to the lowest setting.
M5 settings: I have tried to play around with all the settings to no awail.
M-Audio M-Track Settings: Gain is set to the second tick. Main and headphone volume level is maxed.
Guitar amp settings: All effect are disable and all knobs have been turned to 0 except for gain and volume.

M-Audio M-Track:

This is my first venture into recording stuff onto my PC so any help in figuring out where i went wrong would be much appreciated.

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Audacity cannot do real-time changes when recording, but your audio-interface/pedal/ Windows all can.

Check that Windows audio enhancements (playback & recording) are off.

Your audio interface and/or pedal may have noise-gate and/or compression activated

IMO there is an auto-gain/compression effect happening:
the 450Hz (mains hum harmonic) tone becomes louder when you stop playing …