Bad quality recording

Hey! I don’t know if the same question has been asked before but I used to record my dj set with my old laptop without problems.
Now I have a new laptop with windows 7 and a built in microphone. At first, if I recorded, the volume level was way to high and whatever I tried, nothing seemed to work.
The old laptop had version 1.2.6 and the new one 2.0.2, so I downloaded the older version, thinking that might help. But it didn’t, although the volume level ís lower now, the quality is awful.
I think the bad quality has to with the built in microphone but if I turn it off I can’t record at all.
What to do?


New Windows laptop microphones are intended for voice conferencing, not music. Further many laptops have no provision for plugging your mixer in.

That’s a Behringer UCA202.


Oh no, I’m not trying to record it with the microphone, I have a cable for that, it always worked on the older laptop and I can plug it in the new one too.
But if I record now, there’s a crisp in the sound, so I’m thinking I’d might have to change something in the settings even though everything is set the same as before.