bad quality guitar recording!

My problem is the following:
I recorded a guitar line, which used the output of my amp and turned the audio input on your computer, but the recorded audio is horrible, like I’m playing in a tube.
and recordings with microphone also have the same problem.
the that can be the probel?
I use the version 2.1.2 in the win. 8.1 64bt.
thank you

Try Why do my recordings fade out or sound as if they were made in a tunnel?.

If you mean that you are connecting an amplifier to the computer you need a proper line-in meant for strong signals, not a mic input. See


and recordings with microphone also have the same problem.

Direct recording may be the best (and easiest) way to go, but you won’t get the sound character from your amp/cabinet.

For good-quality recording with a microphone, you need a good studio or stage mic. (The Shure SM57 is a very popular mic for recording guitar amps.) And since stage/studio mics are the wrong interface (low-impedance balanced) for a computer’s microphone input (high impedance unbalanced), you need an [u]audio interface[/u] with the proper XLR microphone input. An interface will also provide phantom power which is required for studio condenser mics.

Alternatively, you can use a [u]studio style USB mic[/u] (AKA a “podcast mic”).

And whenever you record with a mic, room acoustics and room noise are a factor.