bad ad on your page - looks like a download option for your software

Just wanted to let you know I got a bad ad the first time (today) that I visited your website. Was trying to download your software for windows and a green button that said something like Download here was on the page, which I assumed meant that was where I was supposed to download your editing software. That was incorrect and I stupidly entered some of my information onto there. It’s a scam and looking back it was so stupid of me to click on it and trust it, but because it said download and was on your page to download the software I thought it was legit. It’s like Online Downloads

I have a screen shot of it. If your admins need the screenshot just let me know. Thanks!

This is the Audacity download site.

No green buttons.


There are ads at the very bottom of …

(if you don’t have an AdBlocker in your browser).

Similarly when you get to the Fosshub page there is an ad,
Fosshub have a their own “Report Misleading” (advertisement) button …

A screenshot is not required.

There are only a small number of adverts on the Audacity website, and they “should” all be clearly marked as adverts. Deceptive “big green button” type do very occasionally slip through, but they go against our terms of service and are quickly removed. We do not have adverts near the download links.

It’s possible that you may not have been on the genuine Audacity website. As Koz wrote, the Audacity website is here:

Our download partner is FossHub, who have only one advert on the download page. Again that should be clearly marked, but if you spot a bad advert on their page it can be reported to them (see Trebor’s post).


@rhiraoka - Could you please let me know the URL address of that misleading ad? We have a single ad, and we do police it 24/7/365, but now and then a misleading ad will probably escape our patrol. There are hundreds of new accounts created each month, designed to trick people.

Thank you!
Sam - FossHub