backward version compatibility?

Running WIN 7 pro with V2.3.0 and want a more stable version w/o the known bugs.

First, I assume files made on 2.3.0 can be opened and used in 2.2.2? If so, what’s best way to install 2.2.2 over 2.3.0? Leave settings or start new?

Also, should I uninstall 2.3.0 first? Thanks!

Which known bugs are causing you problems?

For Audacity Projects and audio files, yes.
Some Macros / Chains may not be fully compatible (only applicable if you use Macros / Chains).

Use the “EXE” installer version. During the installation, look for, and enable the option to “Reset Preferences”.
In fact, if you are having problems with 2.3.0, it may be worth reinstalling Audacity 2.3.0 and resetting preferences, just in case the problem(s) that you are seeing are caused by Audacity’s settings.

That’s optional, but not normally necessary.

If you always install Audacity in the default location, then you can just install over the top of the old version. The old version will be overwritten by the new installation.

If you installed to a custom location, then you should manually uninstall the old version first, and manually delete the old installation folder.

Thanks Steve, not using any macros or such and I’ll never use half the features in this version so for me, simpler is better. I am doing a lot of track editing on the fly and got real fast in V2.1.2.

That track focus thing we talked about requires me to develop an entire new sequence of keystrokes for all the mouse zooming/scrolling & selecting I do.

Was having trouble with mute/solo selecting also but just now read about the multi setting in pref.

Still I believe there is a half stereo track muting bug when in single mode? Don’t know the sequence to achieve it but I sometimes find only half a track showing muted.

That’s this one, yes? How to lock track focus?

That is currently logged on the Audacity bug tracker, as a top priority bug. The cause has been identified, and I’m very hopeful that it will be fixed in Audacity 2.3.1, which is scheduled for release next month. The release will be announced here on the forum, on the Audacity website, and on our social media (see links at top of page).

OK, so that is “solved” for you?

I’m not aware of this issue, so if/when you have more information, please start a new topic about it so that we can look into it.

Roger that! Consider solved and will post what I find.