Backup to Pamela

Question: I have figured out how to use Pamela to record a skype interview in stereo and how to import it into Audacity on my Windows laptop. However, I have a question: how can I do a backup of all of this? In other words, let’s say that i screw up and Pamela does not record the interview for some reason. Is there some way that is used to do a backup recording so that not everything is lost if something goes awry? Can anyone give any suggestions?

That sounds easy enough, but it is very hard, especially on Windows. Programs aren’t supposed to share an audio stream between them. Two programs cannot both control the stream, so one should be a passive “listener”.

I’m wondering if audio routers like Jack could solve this. But I don’t think Pamela works with Jack.

It seems “Total recorder” touts this function. See:

If anyone has done this successfully, I’d like to hear too, so please, chime in.

Working on one machine, even if you figure out a way to do this, the chances are that if you screw up Pamela, the thing that stops Pamela from working will probably also stop your automatic back-up from working.
The only really effective way to “back-up” while recording, is for all parties in the Skype conversation to have their own recording equipment (perhaps a cheap portable recorder).
Of course. as soon as you finish recording with Pamela, you should make a backup copy of the recording - preferably on an external device such as a USB stick.

Each location providing backup local voice recording is highly recommended.

I did it a crazy way. I used two computers and a mixer. Provision each computer for stereo record and play (a Behringer UCA202 will do it for Windows. My two Macs have it built-in). One computer handles “simple” Skype and the other records the show in Audacity and as an added benefit, can play music into the show. The Skype machine can’t tell there’s anything odd going on and chances of stable success go way up.

It’s a scaled down version of how the Big Kids do it.


Wow. Well, I’m sorry guys but the above went totally over my head. What the mixer is for I have no idea.

Well, I guess I could do a best file and make sure all is set up correctly, i.e. do a quick one minute interview with the person and make sure that I can listen to the recording that was created. That may be a reasonable compromise.

above went totally over my head.

The idea in my case was to give Skype its own computer to play with. Skype can have problems when you have multiple different applications on one computer struggling to control the sound system. That does not go well.

do a quick one minute interview

That would be the equivalent of the technical setup at the top of a broadcast connection. Totally recommended, although I don’t know you need a full minute.

“Hi, John!? Koz in Los Angeles. Can you hear me OK? One two one two wooooooof. I’m recording a sound test. Count to ten for me, 'K?”

I had a recent show whose “down” connection was perfect and I was able to get a good show recording, but my “up” connection sucked, so my guest had trouble hearing me. We settled before the show recording that I should talk slowly and not send music over the link. In extreme, I talk to John on his cellphone and he talks to me over the much higher quality link.

It worked fine. It’s the surprises that kill you.