Backtrack recording issue

I am trying to record a song with a backtrack using my USB mixer ( Mackie ProFXv8). Problem is, new track records everything playing in backtrack again with the new tack. Does anyone know what is the problem with my program?

From the Mackie ProFX8v2 manual (ProFX8v2_12v2_16v2_22v2_30v2_OM):

  1. USB Thru [ProFX8v2, ProFX12v2]

In addition to a mix of the other channels, the USB output to the computer may contain any input from the computer if this switch is down. (This switch only affects the output to the computer, not the headphones or main mix.)

If disengaged (out), the USB output to the computer will just be the main mix. This is a good position for overdubbing, as any playback from the computer may be played through the main speakers and headphones, while playing along with a guitar and recording only the guitar via USB. This is also good for live recording as a safeguard against feedback. Here, the USB level knob should also be down.

If pressed in, the USB output to the computer will be the main mix, including any audio coming in from the comptuer. This is a good position to record live performances where playback of audio from the computer is also part of the performance.

The way I read this is when overdubbing, disengage (release) the “USB Thru” button. Also, turn the USB level knob all the way down.

I hope this helps. :smiley: