Backing vocals

Hi I’ve just discovered Audacity. What I need is the backing vocals of the song Rolling In The Deep by Adele for my keyboard. Now I have a karaoke version on youtube (WAV) of the song and I’m wondering if I can remove the instrumental part through audacity so I keep on backing vocals. if possible, how do I do that? I’ve tried everything from the videos on youtube but it did not work.

Isolating parts is only possible in some cases …

There is a free plugin called Kn0ck0ut which will spectrally subtract one track from another …

but even when Kn0ck0ut works at its best it generates digital artifacts. :cry:

[ Kn0ck0ut demo … , an easy case though ].

The information in the link http: // I’ve already tried these options with the videos on youtube. But does not work unfortunately. Maybe I might use the wrong music file? I would really like to know what I’am doing wrong. :question:

Sorry but the link is not working on my computer.

What you are doing wrong is missing the point :wink: . The point is that unless you have the tracks for each part that went into the mix there is absolutely no guarantee you can remove or isolate the parts.

The VST version of Kn0ck0ut is no longer made. Only the LV2 version for Linux is still being developed. There is an archive copy of Kn0ck0ut at