Background, phone conversation, voice, clarity help need

Hi there I’m looking for some help I’m new to this audio editing stuff and I’m trying to find some information and if anybody was able to help that would be amazing and greatly appreciated.

I have an audio recording from a surveillance feed at my husbands friends home. My husband passed away Via suicide, so I’m unable to get the conversation from him and we’re trying to piece it all together still and I’m just looking for help on processing this audio clip and maybe give us some sort of information…

This clip that I have is of my husband working on a project but you can tell that he’s on the phone with somebody and you can hear the voice of the person, but it’s very muffled kind of robotic and so in a distance that you can’t fully understand what they’re saying and I need to see how I can make that voice clear so We can determine if that conversation Can you get us some definitive answers as to why everything happened the way it did. It’s about a four minute recording that I have and I just really need some help with it please and thank you.

You could try using: Effect > Special > Vocal Reduction and Isolation, and select ‘isolate vocals”. You may find it useful to watch this video ( ) and even though it is about removing music, the principle is the same, you are wanting to remove audio other than voice and retain voice only. You will probably need to follow his tips on fine tuning and using eq.

There is also 3rd party VST plugins such as Waves – Clarity Vx that can be purchased and added to Audacity that will use AI to attempt capturing dialogue/voice only but usually require a learning curve to understand the best way to use them. There may be other free or reasonably priced plugins available by doing a search for VST plugins.

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