Background noise :

Hope this is in the right forum. Please delete if not.
How do I make background noise (phone ringing) disappear from one good.(for me) vocal track ? It is not on any other track. Is there an effect or app for this ?

If it is just one or two rings, you can try Spectral Selection and Editing

If the ring is persistent throughout the track, you can try Noise Reduction

OK, I’ll play bad cop.

The telephone qualifies as a second performance and we can’t easily split two different performances in a mixed show.

Noise Reduction is generally used for constant noises such as lighting whine or computer fan noise. It’s not much good for noises that move around.

Spectral editing might be useful, but probably not if the performance is singing. Again splitting two musical performance from each other isn’t fun.

What do you mean by “a phone ringing?”

To me that means a wooden thing on the wall with a crank on the side. The type of phone can have a serious impact on the solution. My phone rings with a Third movement of Rachmaninoff. Do you have the phone?

What’s the possibility you can record a small piece of the performance again and patch the phone tones out in Audacity editing? I can predict you were looking for an easy button push and go home, right? Maybe not this time.