Background noise returns after export


Firstable, sorry for my mistakes, I’m not english :wink:

I found out how to remove a background noise, but then when I export my file in .aiff format and want to copy it in iTunes (in order to make a CD), the noise come back.

How can I do to avoid that?

Thank you very much for your help

First thing, ensure that you are using the current version of Audacity (2.0.5). It is available for free download here:

If that does not fix the problem, you will need to tell us exactly what you are doing (step by step), and possibly post audio samples of the track before and after noise removal. See here for how to post audio samples:
We prefer short audio samples (just a few seconds) in WAV or FLAC format.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes I have the 2.0.5 version.

Step by step:

  • recording my voice with an Apogee microphone on Garageband
  • uploading the file in Audacity
  • removing the background noise
  • no more background when I read it with Audacity
  • moving the file towards iTunes (tried .wav and .aiff)
  • in iTunes, the noise is back

Here is the file without noise, I’m trying to find out how to post the noisy version.

Test audacity.aup (3.2 KB)

You have posted an Audacity project file. It’s just a text file that controls the actual audio in the _data folder of an Audacity project.

Please post an audio file as already requested, preferably WAV, and no more than 1 MB if you attach it here. You can upload larger files to Dropbox or similar and give us the link to download the file. Use File > Export… in Audacity to export a WAV.

If you open Audacity > Preferences, then the Quality section, then set the last drop-down (the second “Dither” box) to “None”, does the noise go away?


Thank you so much, it works!

Dither noise should not be very loud in Audacity 2.0.5. Are you listening in headphones?

I wonder if your recordings are loud enough if you can hear the dither noise easily. Ideally you should aim for recordings to peak at or around -6 dB.


There’s something a bit odd here. Looking at the AUP file that you posted, the quietest part of the project is about 20 dB RMS louder than dither noise and the loudest part is 50 dB louder than dither noise (about 300 times louder).