Could someone please explain to me how to back-mask. And by back-masking I mean the actual definition of the word; not these ignorant tutorials explaining how to reverse the song, but how to actually embed a message. I am interested in subliminal work for, particularly auditory subliminal messages; back-masking would be an extremely useful tool to have but I cannot find a single site or video that explains how to embed a message. Obviously I know how to reverse audio, but there’s more to it then that. Any help most appreciated! Thanks for your time.


Back-masking is described in quite a lot of detail on Wikipedia:

Note that this forum is about Audacity, and this section of the forum is about “Making Music with Audacity”. Questions about Psychology are beyond the scope of this forum.

Reversing a sound is as simple as applying the “Reverse” effect to the sound that you wish to reverse (see:
and that’s probably as far as your question goes in regard to the scope of this forum.

I’m not asking any questions on psychology, merely questions on how to use audacity in the process of making an imbedded message in a song.

  1. Record the “message” (Audacity Manual) or Import it from an existing file (Audacity Manual).
  2. Record or import the song that you wish to “embed” it in.
    (The song will be a second track under the “message” track)
  3. Use the Time Shift tool to slide the “message” to the right so that it is plays where you want it to in the song.
  4. Double click on the “message” so that it is highlighted (darker colour).
  5. Apply the “Reverse” effect
  6. Use the Track Gain sliders to set the level of each track so that it sounds like you want it to sound.
  7. (Optional) Use the Envelope Tool to lower the volume of the song while the “message” is playing
  8. Export the completed project as an audio file Audacity Manual
    (The two tracks will be “mixed” to produce one file.)

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Given :
Voice Message Track Duration 2 Minutes
Music Track Duration 5 Minutes

Required : Music Track of 15 Minutes with the Voice Message (As Inaudible / Subliminal)
playing in background till the end of the Music Track.
(For example Voice message repeat for 7 times in background as Subliminal).

please tell the steps.


Repeat the music track twice: Repeat - Audacity Manual

If the voice “message” is inaudible, you won’t be able to hear it, so you could simply miss it out altogether and it will have exactly the same effect.

You can get lots of info about making “subliminals” with Audacity like this:

thanks for informative reply Steve.

please ignore the word Inaudible, I just wanted to say less hear able to human year .

for Silent subliminal I want to know should I just lower the sound of the recorded affirmation file ?

can I make Isochronic tones, Alpha or Theta sound waves in Audacity ? and should I apply to music track or to the final track
which has voice messages already embedded ? (while making subliminal) plz watch this video…


You don’t appear to be looking very hard.
First hit for Google search

site: Isochronic

brings up this page: