Autotune EFX 3, Macbook Pro with El Capitan, and Audacity

Good morning -

I am using the Autotune EFX 3, Macbook Pro with El Capitan, and Audacity.

I purchased the Autotune EFX 3 a few days ago as well as the ilok device required to use it.

I got it installed ok, and when I open the Effects tab in Audacity, it shows up. I click on it and it and hit “enable,” and it shows that it is enabled. However, when I highlight the section of track that I want to Autotune, the EFX 3 does not appear in the effects dropdown. When I go back to the plugins, it shows the status as “new” again (as opposed to “enabled”).

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I spoke with a few pro audio people at Sam Ash, and did some research online, and come up with the same thing, that this is strange and it SHOULD work.

Thank you in advance,
Charles Deel.

In that case the version of Audacity you are using does not support EFX3. What Audacity version are you using? Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

I don’t think anyone here has an iLok, so there is no way for us to test EFX3.

You can try Autotalent or GSnap instead.