AUTORECOVERY did not work


after a live recording we were saving the Audacity file when suddenly the current generator was switched off and the Mac Mini Mid 2011 A1347 using Mavericks and Audacity 2.0.3 went down. After rebooting we did the Autorecovery offered automatically by Audacity. Unfortunately there was a warning that recovering was not successful.

The is still the Data-Folder as well as the .aup file which can be opened in Audacity but there is no sound to hear in the full length of two hours. The file can be exported to .mp3 oder .m4a but in iTunes there is no sound too.

Is there anything what can save the data please?

The Data Folder and the .aup file is uploaded in Dropbox:

I appreciate any help :smiley:

Audacity 2.0.3 is out of date. Please upgrade to 2.0.5 from .

Do you mean the AUP file opens with not all the blue waves that you expect? Were there any errors when opening that project, if so, what did they say? The structure of the _data folder you posted online looks sensible, but I don’t understand the AU files being only 500 kB given it appears to be a 32-bit project. Also all the AU files I downloaded were absolute silence. Did you check there were blue waves in Audacity while you were recording?

Given the AUP file doesn’t help it will be better to try to automatically recover the project if possible. What were the exact errors when you recovered the project?

If the Audacity session is still open in which you tried to recover, please open Help > Show Log…, then drag a selection from top to bottom of the log window, copy the text and paste it here.

Then if you still have the window open in which you tried to recover the project and you see an option to close the project with no changes, choose that option. Otherwise open Activity Monitor and force quit Audacity. Don’t answer any Audacity questions about saving or not saving - saving changes will save the audio data as silence, and not saving will wipe the audio data and the AUTOSAVE temporary file Audacity was trying to recover from.

Then attach the AUTOSAVE file. To find that, open Finder then use Go > Go to Folder. Type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave

The AUTOSAVE file is in there.


-I did today. Thank you!

  • Yes. There are no blue waves at all :-/
  • I did not see any.

-The recording itself worked correctly. We did several recordings that night, only this one when the current generator went off while saving the file is damaged.

  • There was no exact reason there was just a message saying something like “Autorecorvery could not be finished because there was an error.”

-Unfortunately it is not because we had to move the Mac from the location of the event.

Thank you for your help!
Kind regards.

Were you recording into an already saved project called “Generations TWO”?

If you had not yet saved a project and you saved the silence that appeared on the screen after recovery as a project, that project data will contain silence and is unrecoverable.

The only option that safeguards your data if Automatic Crash Recovery is incorrect and you need to quit Audacity is to force quit.

There isn’t an error that says exactly that. There may be a message about “inconsistencies” and the message would suggest you look in the Log.


Hi Gale

No, we didn´t. we named it after recording and it was a new project.


  • I am sorry. My son cannot remember what was the exact error but there may have been something about “inconsistencies”.

I now searched his Mac Mini to find some crash log but I could not find it. What is the usual path where Audacity log are saved?
By the way: it is Version 2.0.5 not 2.0.3

Kind regards

The Audacity log is not saved automatically (in 2.0.5 on Mac there is no way of saving it at all). A log is created in memory when you start an Audacity session and the log is destroyed when you quit Audacity.

In Audacity 2.0.6 and later there will be a button to save the log on Mac.

So you have to look at Help > Show Log… when you see messages about recovery problems or if the recovery is empty or otherwise wrong.

If the recovery is incorrect you must force quit Audacity if you can’t leave it running while you investigate the problem.


No the log file is gone. And I suppose the track too… Bad luck…

But nevertheless, thank you Gale for your help!