Autoplay via URL?

I’m using Audacity 2.0.5.

Is there a way to access a media file via URL and have it startup Audacity and immediately start playing it?

additional info:

I’m attempting to launch a media player and auto play a file. Similar to how Itunes does with their ITMS files.

I created a custom URI scheme with the following registry input:


@=“URL:xtest Protocol”
“URL Protocol”=“”





I’m attempting to simply access the file via hyperlink in any browser, but starting with IE.

I’m processing the following URL:


However, every time I click the link, the player appears but makes no attempt at playing the file. Is this a limitation of the player or is there something I’m missing? The player in this case is audacity.

Audacity cannot import audio that is being streamed from URL’s for example as you might do by executing a shortcut to a PLS playlist file in Explorer.

Most modern browsers will have a plug-in to play (stream) different types of media directly in the browser, so to open files from a URL in Audacity you firstly have to change the browser behaviour so that files of a particular file type will instead be downloaded to temporary file space and opened with a particular application.

So for example after making such changes in Firefox I can click on a link such as and have it import into Audacity.

Having any imported file play immediately it imports into Audacity is a feature request. You can vote for that option to be implemented if you like, but if you need that right now you’ll have to script it using a macro program.