Automatticly split a vocal track into 1 minute segments

Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.0, .exe installer
I have many long vocal only tracks that I would like to export into approximately one minute tracks.

Example: Track 1 is 35.5 minutes of vocal only (talking). Currently I can add a Label track divided into 36 labels. If I export this via export multiple it will give me 36 tracks. This is fine, except some of the words will be split from one track to the next (see first attachment) making the result very choppy from one track to another. What I have to do is manually adjust the start/end point of each of the 36 label tracks to a point of silence. This will change the individual track time to anywhere from 45 seconds to 80 seconds. This is fine because the words are no longer choppy (see second attachment).

What I would like to do is find a way to automate the manual process. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
manual label.jpg
automattic label.jpg

The way that I would suggest doing it (with existing tools) is to use “Regular Interval labels” ( to create “point” labels.
Zoom in to a suitable level so that you can see individual words.
Then start at the first label and drag the “0” on the label stem to move the label as necessary.
Press the “Tab” key to move to the next label (at same zoom level) and adjust.
Tab to the next, and so on.

Thanks Steve, but that is pretty much what I am doing now. I was looking for a faster way.
current label.jpg

It will be much faster if you use point labels rather than region labels.