Automatization of a process

Hi guys, I am new here. I would like to automatize a sequence of steps, but I think that Edit Chains doesn’t work for me. I want to emulate the steps of this video: So basically what I need is:

  • Import a .bmp file as raw.
  • Cut maybe the first 0.5 seconds.
  • Add an effect (I would like to use a VST, but if it makes it more complicated, a LPF is good enough)
  • Paste again at the begining those first 0.5 seconds (also do the LPF starting from 0.5 seconds would work)
  • Finally export using “Other uncompressed files” and in “Options” using “Raw, Header-less” and “U-Law”.
    Any of you have an idea how could I do it in Audacity or by means of some external software? I am not particularly a good programmer, so if it is really code heavy it won’t be very useful I guess :confused:
    Thank you guys :smiley:
  • Import a .bmp file as raw.

You’re importing a picture file…?


Yes, it is to edit an image and make glitch art! any idea on how to do so?

One of the things Import Raw does is ask you in detail about the technical specifications of your sound file. You will not be able to do that, so Import will fail, or do something unpredictable.