automation plugins for audio

hi there. please list the automation plugins for audio here thanks :smiley:

If you mean software to manage or change audio in real time, there isn’t any. Audacity is a post production program. Record the show and then later mess with it.

Audacity offers almost zero tools that work before or during recording.


Audacity is a post production program.

Sorry for the stupid question, but then what possibilities does Audacity offer? I’ve been wondering this some time ago; of course I use it and everything, but I’d like to have a clearer vission about the things we can (and not) do with it.

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You could read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

What is it you want to do, exactly?


Well, I’ve just finished reading the FAQ; certainly quite interesting.

For me, Audacity swits all my necessities because it allows me to edit either a single audio clip or even a small mix, and it’s possible to save a progect in case of future changes or the like.

However, my question is for this: speaking of that Audacity isn’t a post-production program, maybe it won’t help me that much in case of I want to build a more complex mix like in a song, but perhaps it’ll be more useful than other programs in other fields.

In addition to this, some friends of mine are interested in Audacity; so I would like to know what are the possibilities: could be possible to make an audio recording containing music and voice? Or make more complex things such as mixing music, voice and sound effects to create like a kind of audio-movie?

That’s exactly what I’d like to be aware of; so that I won’t fix some hard goals to achieve with Audacity.

Thank you!

Audacity is a post-production application, as Koz put it.

Audacity is a multi-track audio editor. You can read about Mixing Audio Tracks.

You can also read this feature list:


I do a lot of musical projects with Audacity, even complex ones such as:

which has about 78 tracks in one project…

You just have to be careful because Audacity doesn’t allow non-destructive editing–apart from e.g. envelopes.
Thus, you have to save frequently under new names. The first project would e.g. be the tracks with the raw recordings or imports. You can also do all time shifts, editing and gain/pan staging in the same project.
If you want to apply an effect, it will be better to duplicate a track and apply the effect there, thus you can always get back to the original.


Hello, I have finished reading the links that you put here and I could find some useful things to me.


At least for trying to automate (I think this is what you call fading and such) I use the text envelope plugin. It’s kind of hard at the beginning but it’s helpful.

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