Automation From Excel

I have the need for a large number of announcement WAV files.

In other words, a spreadsheet has things like “Access Granted”, “Access Denied”… etc.

In Excel I can look at a range of text and cause the SPEECH program to say each line…

Application.Speech.say(“Your info here”)

What I would LIKE to do…

  1. AUDACITY - Start record
  2. Speech Say…
  3. AUDACITY - Stop record
  4. Audacity saveas “Your info here.WAV”
  5. Audacity - clear

Then… I could point it to a bunch of text, and the result would be a bunch of WAV files that I could use from within some software I am writing.

Is that possible???

The way that I would approach the task would be:
Start Audacity recording:
Record “Access Granted” … (space)
Record “Access Denied”… (space)
Record …
Stop the recording.

Add labels to each of the recorded section
The “Sound Finder” tool may be helpful for adding the labels

Use “Export Multiple” to export each labelled region as a separate file:

When I do this, there will be about 1500 sayings, and I need to create 1500 individual WAV files.

It has to be 100% automated for this to work. If the commands can’t be sent via a shell or pipe then this is not going to work.

Does Audacity have the ability to be controlled via a command line syntax?


Audacity is designed to work as a GUI application, though there is some experimental support for scripting.
As you require full automation with comprehensive command line support you would probably do better to use SoX

Audacity can be made to do this but it would take a lot of programming work. I suspect that (if not SoX) a VB/VC++ app, from scratch, might be easier to write than hacking the Audacity code. If you want to hack the Audacity code, most of what you need can be found here:
where I have made code available which allow this kind of operation.