Automating adding custom Metadata Tags

I’m new to Audacity and to this forum, so please bear with me.
Is there a reasonable way in Audacity to implement a feature which would automatically add custom tags to a file based upon a given string which the user would get from another source?

Some details about my project might help:
Currently a volunteer records a file using Audacity.
While recording that file he updates a spreadsheet with information about the contents of that file.
He then saves the file in Audacity, skipping the tags part of the save dialog.
He then opens the file in a separate tagging program and adds a bunch of custom tags manually, based upon what he put into that spreadsheet, and resaves the file.

As you can see, the process is currently a bit clunky and error prone. It would be nice to use the tagging functionality within Audacity to eliminate a step.

In an ideal world there would be a way within Audacity, while saving a file, to import custom tags based upon a string the volunteer copies from that spreadsheet.

Is there a reasonable way to implement something like this. I did a little looking into scripting and macros, but I couldn’t see how either would accomplish this.

So I was hoping that someone who knows a lot more than I do might offer some suggestions.

Any ideas?


Audacity can’t do that. I think you will have to use a separate tagging app.

Okay, thanks. I kinda suspected that might be the answer, but I hoped I was wrong.

yes a separate tagging app will do!