Automatically Splitting Tracks

Hello. I’ve been using a purchased copy of Poterbits Sound recorder for many years. I can’t reinstall Poterbits on my new computer and it has vanished from the internet. I used Poterbits to create a single MP3 track from a vinyl album. In addition, Poterbits had a very nice feature that would automatically split the single MP3 track into multiple MP3 tracks based upon the number of seconds of silence between the songs. This was very fast and simple.

I’m using Audacity 2.1.2 for windows and learned how to split a single MP3 track into into multiple MP3 tracks by selecting the single MP3 track then marking a single song, doing a cut, and export. But this is very time consuming. I have tons of vinyl albums to convert. Does any one know of a automatic method similar to Poterbits to automatically split tracks based upon seconds of silence or some other technique?


Scroll down to the portions that interest you.

Audacity has “labels” and you can place a label at the beginning of each tune on the timeline. Audacity can Export Multiple a separate sound file for each label.

I know everybody thinks Audio Files = MP3, but we would urge exporting the work in WAV (Microsoft) instead. MP3 creates compression distortion when it works (those small files aren’t “free”). You can’t stop it. Converting MP3 to anything else usually adds more distortion. WAV files are very much larger, but they are Sound Masters. You can convert a WAV to other formats (personal music player, on-line posting) and keep the compression distortion minimal.


Can you please link to the EXACT portion of

that explains how to set up Audacity to AUTOMATICALLY spit an entire side of an LP or cassette into individual songs, individual tracks, without the user having to manually split or mark the breaks.