Automatically saves Audacity project

Hello there,

I would like to implement a feature that enable Audacity to auto save the project. I’m not saying the autosave file on roaming. It would be like the user hitting “save” from time to time.
The expected behavior would like Adobe Premiere does when this features is enable. See picture
I’m searching where would be the best place to put it on Audacity code. So I would like to ask you some advice where the programmers think this feature might go. Of course if I was able to implement it here successfully I’ll make the changes available to the community by means of a pull request.

My initial idea would be to create a thread that would trigger the command “save” from time to time according the user pref. I was thinking to start this thread somewhere on AudacityApp::OnInit() function.

Not sure if I’m going right so any advice will be very appreciated.