Automatically merge two tracks


Windows 8.1 Enterprise N
Audacity 2.0.6 – .exe installer

I want to mix two audio books into one like this:
one or two sentences ~15-20 seconds

English audio* | Foreign Audio^ | English Audio* | Foreign Audio^

or like this

English Audio* | English Audio* | Foreign Audio^ | Foreign Audio^

  • and ^ mean that it’s the same part / segment

Here is an example:

I did this manually by copying and pasting the segments into a new track. This gives me more control but takes some time.
Is there any way this could be done automatically? 20 sec of a segment in any one of the above schemas.
Or if there is a faster way to do this myself than copy&paste?

Tracks are merged (mixed) just by being one above the other. So you could in fact retain two tracks and insert silences and repeats in each. Press F5 to time shift one track to start after the other, then F1 to go back to selection tool.

Does this Nyquist plugin help:

Or without making repeats:

Or without making repeats but inserting silences depending where the existing pauses are:

See How to install Nyquist plug-ins.


Thanks a lot!

I tried those plugins but I still have to do it myself. I managed to halve the time needed but it’s still significant.