Automatically insert silence between takes

Hi everybody! OK, here is my problem: I am doing an audio book and I need to leave a second between each take. But doing it while recording messes up with my pace. However, inserting silence manually between each take takes me ages as well. Is there some way to automate this so it is faster? Like insert automatically a predefined length of silence when the waveform is flat? Thanks!

when the waveform is flat?

But to get the flat waveform you have to mess up your pace, and it’s pretty unusual for waveforms to be perfectly flat. Noise creates some interesting problems, even if it’s only taking a breath near the microphone.

I don’t know of a way to automatically produce your track like that. Others may post.

There is a cousin problem. May people want Audacity to think. For example: “Do this when I get to the end of a sentence.” I can tell when you get to the end of a sentence, but it’s rough to get software to do that.


I am doing an audio book and I need to leave a second between each take.

Just now re-reading that. That’s just so you can recognize the demarcation points for later editing, right? Many readers clap or make a distinctive noise to mark the edit points.


As you are recording, you could add a label at each place that you need to add a space. (“Ctrl + B” then “Enter”).

When you have completed the recording:

  1. Generate a bit of silence at the first label position
  2. Copy the silence that you generated.
  3. Paste the silence at each label position (“Ctrl + V” to paste)

e.g. dog clicker …

Thank you everybody for your contributions, I really appreciate it!
I am not sure if your suggestions help or if I made myself clear.
I say on the audio book:

Phrase one. (small pause from me) Phrase two. (small pause from me) Phrase three etc and I say like a million phrases.
Now, I need a longer pause between each phrase and I don’t like waiting on the microphone to actually record the pause, I want to insert the little pause later on audacity. But with so many phrases, I need to click again a million times to insert the silence manually. This is why I thought maybe there is a way to tell audacity to insert longer pauses between phrases, when it detects an almost flat waveform (my recorded pause). Too much to ask? :confused:

“Extend Silence” plugin ?, see … Extend Silences

OMG, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! And my audio book is indeed language learning, as described in the plugin description.
I guess a lot more voice artists shared my pain. I will install it right now and play around a bit!
Thank you Trebor!