Automatic track separation

Where O where can i find the button which automates the separation of lp tracks into separate items?? i record an lp and all i have is one single recording rather than each of the tracks separately. surely it cannot be beyong the wit of man, or Audacity programmers, to automate this - eg if there is more than 2 seconds silence, then a new recording starts, or some such?

all i can find in the site is instructions to inset breaks manually, which i cannot believe is the only way to do it, and which is fiddly (involving having to insert the breaks oneself, which involves sitting there finding them, then labelling them etc etc)

it is driving me mad. or, am i missing something?? Hey-llp.

Use Audacity 1.3 and in the “Analyze” menu is a tool called “Silence Finder” which will insert labels when the audio drops below the threshold that you set.

Which doesn’t work on expressive classical music or noisy records. Expressive classical music has silences built in and noisy records never shut up.

This is where you decide whether you really want to rescue all those records you haven’t listened to in ten years.


You should look after your records better :wink: It works fine on my Classical music collection, though I do occasionally get tracks split in very quiet parts, which does not really matter if you burn to CD “gaplessly”. (Gapless CDs can be easily made using Nero, CDBurnerXP, Brasero or K3B.)

Ah This is thread I have been looking for. Needed separate track # while recording ‘In Line’ from my Cassette deck ( 1.3.9 version of Audicity).>> ultimately to burn them into a CD for stand alone CD player.
Q: Do I need to insert Track Labels in this mode?
Q : I will activate the Noise removal settings, so what should be the settings for Track separation in seconds ( about 2 secs ? ) and Vol Level.
Some one mentioned about Gapless setting in the Nero burning… but would it not defeat the purpose of track separatio then?
What a great soft ware this is. It is taking me so much time just to get to understand it., and get started… and it promises so much !

  1. Yes you need to insert labels, one for each track. Then you can use File > Export Multiple to export all the tracks at once.

  2. The Noise Removal tool is not meant for removing the noise between tracks.

  3. Gapless burning is only needed if the music on the LP or cassette flows seamlessly between tracks (e.g. a live recording). Gapless burning would then allow the CD to play back without the 2-second gap between tracks, just like the original.

Here’s what I do: (this is just one method - other users would probably suggest something slightly different)


  1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Import/Export and uncheck “Show metadata editor before export step”
  2. In the Selection bar, check “Snap To”; in one of the drop-down menus (e.g. under “Selection”) select “CDDA Frames”


  1. Click as close as possible to the beginning of track 2
  2. Click on Edit > Split
  3. For an LP or cassette with silences between tracks:
    -a) Click and drag from end of music to split point
    -b) press the delete key to delete the silence
    -c) optionally do a quick fade-out:
    –i) click and drag to select about 1/2 second at the end of the track
    –ii) Click on Effect > Fade Out
  4. Continue in this manner putting a split point between each track (and deleting the silence if needed and adding fade-outs)
    Your track is now divided into a bunch of clips, one clip per track
  5. Double-click on the first clip
  6. Click on Tracks > Add Label at Selection
  7. Type in a unique name for the label
  8. Continue in this manner adding a label that spans each clip.
  9. Click on File > Export Multiple

Now import the exported tracks into Nero. If this is a live recording (no gaps between tracks), set the “gap” or “pause” between tracks to 0 seconds, otherwise set the gap to 2 seconds (or whatever you want). Note that you will probably want a gap before the first track on side 2 as this cannot possibly flow seamlessly from side 1 (unless you’re burning a copy of Live/Dead).

Good luck. As you learn about Audacity and CD burning you will probably come up with your own method that works best for you.

– Bill

Quick note on gapless CDs. Music CD do not actually support gapless performances. They do support changing the existing gap duration to zero. This seems like a silly difference, but that gives you one continuous performance with no stops in it and still lets you navigate to any one gap with the player’s scan and skip tools.

Not all burning programs allow you to change the “normal” 2-second Music CD gap to anything else. Many times, the “free” versions of authoring and burning programs leave that out.

My vinyl is in perfect condition. But my sister has cats and very old records.


Exactly. Also, tracks must begin on a CDDA frame boundary which is why I suggest using Snap To CDDA Frames when cutting up a (Audacity) track into individual (CD) tracks. Smart burning software might look after this for you, but don’t count on it.

– Bill

Thank ee Thank ee Kind Sirs,
Will try it out and report…

Greetings O wise Ones !!
I just cannot figure out what have I done wrong now.
I just cannot seem to record in Stereo.
It shows clicked (set) on Left Channel all the time. And I cannot get around to change it. I am using the 1.3 version, with Windows XP.
When I Click on EDIT I cannot get around to open the prefence option. (it is not a dark font and is a faint print ) So If I cannot click open the Prefence option I cannot go to the next step of devices and and change the reset to 2 channels.
AM I making sense here ?
Audicity I/O section is it only meant for Apple users as I do not haver on my screen /audicity screen.
Any way,In short how do i get to record in stereo please.

Edit > Preferences will be greyed out during playback and recording. When playback is stopped it should be available.

You want to go to Preferences > Devices [tab] > Recording [section] and set Channels to 2. If you cannot set Channels to 2 check your Windows sound control panel.

I don’t know what you mean about the “Audacity I/O section”.

– Bill

**I solved it!


For using “Export Multiple” your modification will create too many tracks - (see response on )