automatic track separation

When recording an LP or cassette tape does Audacity separate each song track to a single track or are all of the songs bunched together as one track?

Thank you for moving your topic. It’s nice to have a clean interface.

Your question boils down to how you use Audacity.

If you press Record in Audacity then then Play on your turntable and let it record all the way through, everything will be on 1 stereo track in Audacity. At this point, you can easily add labels to the beginning of each track ([ctrl]+b), give each label a name and click File → Export Multiple. You’ll end up with a number of files, all given the name of it’s respective label. Importantly, you have to remember to put a label at the very beginning for the 1st track. This is by far the most common (and quickest) way to rip LPs and cassettes using Audacity.

Alternately, you can stop Audacity between tracks and restart recording, this will put each song on it’s own track. But this is more work unless you want to deal with each track separately (as far as editing is concerned).

If you’re hoping that Audacity will magically detect each new song and put it on a separate track, then you’re out of luck.

For a piece of Audio Recording software, Audacity is incredibly easy to use. But Audio Recording is inherently difficult, so there’s a limit to how easy Audacity can ever be.

Don’t forget there is a tool called Silence Marker in the Analyse menu which will try to insert labels at each silence in the recording to give you a starting point, but you need to check it has got the right points marked.