Automatic splitting of music track from audio cassette

I installed Audacity long ago but have never had occasion to use it until now. Now, my immediate goal is to use it to compile a library of my favorite songs from audio cassettes. “Coaster” enabled the user to split songs from cassette tapes into separate files AUTOMATICALLY. CD Spin Doctor seems to have the same ability, although I haven’t yet been successful in making it work properly. This is what led me to Audacity. I came here hoping that I would find a tool for accessing and making better use of the thousands of songs I have on audio cassettes. Is Audacity such a tool? Can I split songs on an audio cassette tape into separate files AUTOMATICALLY by using Audacity?

Not really. You can record the Audio into Audacity and try to use Silence Finder to add flags between each track, then you could use Export Multiple. But the Silence Finder isn’t perfect. Someone else may have more experience / luck with it.

Hey All!

**Now is it so simply!

I solved IT!

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For using “Export Multiple” your modification will create too many tracks - (see response on Minimum length mod for Silence Marker and Sound Finder - #6 by triola )