automatic silence generator

Recording live (TV) audio for listening later. I’d like to generate automatic silence breaks so I can skip segments during playback. The listening unit does not have FF scan , only track skip.
Is this something I can setup as an automatic function, say a one second silence every 10 minutes or ?? Have figured out the manual option but it cumbersome to do over a long recording.

Tech question - what is the difference in the project rate and exporting bit rate?

How are you listening to the recording latter?

There’s not an easy way to do that automatically, but there could be other options, depending on your answers to this post.

What is “the listening unit”?

It would be possible to write a Nyquist Script to run in the Nyquist Prompt effect, but there may be easier and better solutions.

None. They are one and the same. The Project Rate specifies the sample rate for playback, mixing and export. It is also the default sample rate for recording, and import.

How are you listening to the recording latter?

Not sure what is meant by this Q? I export , or export multiple as mp3 to my device and push play.

Listening unit - ok , if that makes a difference… sony walkman.

Live stream audio off various sources, Tunein, XM satellite, to the desktop PC.
I might record an hour or two or more. Have not quite figured out the adjustments in the silence analyzer -
it might generate multiple dozens, which is not good either. To leave as one recording would leave me as having to listen from the start
when the device is turned off for later use

Yes it does make a difference. There’s no point in my suggesting that you use playlists if your device doesn’t support playlists.
“sony walkman” is too vague for me to look up, so I’ll just have to ask you - does your listening device support playlists?

… forgot on my tech question.

The project rate I see now can be adjusted upward( better quality) from the default 48K — still learning the ropes.
So is the 48K also 48000 kbps? Is it a false option then when I have recorded at 48 and then pick from the four export as mp3 rates?
If I want a true, say 192 kbps +/- , recording and final output to mp3 I need to have the project rate at 192K ?

sony walkman NWZ-W273S…

  • yes says it supports PLAYLISTS. I did not know this was a feature to look for.
    Something new to learn.

In that case, you can split the long recording into multiple short recordings (see: Exporting multiple audio files - Audacity Manual and Regular Interval Labels - Audacity Manual), and join them together (so they play in the correct sequence) with a playlist. You should then be able to jump to the next/previous file in the sequence when you want.

awesome ! perfect.

Asked on another question forum , Is there something similar to Audacity in the video end of things?