Automatic envelope control point placement

I’m using v2.4.2 to clean-up the audio on an old video
I’m mostly using the envelope tool and go trough the complete waveform
Mostly lowering the volume between sentences
The result is o.k. but it a rather tedious job
So I wondering if there are tools that can do some sort of autoduck between sentences?
Just roughly automatically place some control point would save me some time

Try the “Noise Gate” effect:
Ensure that you have a backup because unlike the envelope tool, the Noise Gate effect is applied directly to the audio data.

(The version described here has an additional “hold” control that is not present in the 2.4.2 version, but due to a bug in Audacity that control must be set to zero. The bug has been fixed for Audacity 3.0.1 which is due for release soon.)

I’m afraid that will probably result in a sound on off effect. Perhaps it’s possible to set a whole bunch of control points using nyquist commands. I’ll post a question on the nyquist part of the forum :slight_smile:

Perhaps an envelope follower could help you out.

I hope this helps. :smiley: