Automatic division of a song into equal parts

Hello everybody!

I would like to know if Audacity has a tool to divide a song into several pieces of the same duration symmetrically, or if there is a plugin for this job.

The idea for didactic reasons is to be able to divide a song separating each measure equally.

For example: a song that has 32 bars, we could divide it into 32 equal parts. This work is of great value to synchronize a drum with a vocal for example.

Thank you very much and hugs to all!

Currently, you can use Tools > Regular Interval Labels, to generate labels spaced equally apart.

The developers are working on a new “Beats and Measures” project that they hope to introduce perhaps as early as Audacity 3.4. I am not aware of any current feature announcements, although others such as @LWinterberg may wish to comment.